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At the core of better health experiences lies the opportunity for early, accurate diagnoses and personalized care plans. However, navigating those experiences and spotting those opportunities can be challenging for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

That’s where The IBD Project comes in: a collaborative effort that aims to illuminate potential paths to elevate patient care—right from the start.



The IBD Project supports continual cooperation, learning, and adaptation to ever-evolving needs for people living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). By bringing the IBD community together, we hope to create meaningful connections that spark collaborative discussion. Through education created in partnership with IBD specialists, we seek to empower individuals with the knowledge to make more informed decisions.

When we champion diversity and spotlight opportunities for equitable care, we can help elevate voices and cultivate inclusive health spaces. And by fostering innovative thinking, we encourage progress in healthcare.

The IBD Project is all of us, working together, to make strides toward earlier diagnoses and better disease management from day one.


The challenge calls

Driven by our purpose

For patients and healthcare providers on the front lines of IBD, change can’t wait. We see, hear, and recognize the urgency of their needs. It’s why Takeda puts patients first. Because we feel a responsibility to do more. To help make bigger strides, faster.

Toward better, together

The IBD landscape may be dynamic and complex, but the effort is always there. That’s what’s special about the IBD community. The IBD Project is our way of amplifying what’s already being done to help advance care for people living with conditions such as ulcerative colitis (UC) or Crohn’s disease (CD).


Sparking collaboration

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Shining brighter as one

Our connection is our strength. The IBD Project seeks to encourage cooperative discussions and collaborations that keep patients at the forefront of progress.

A community that cares

Living with IBD can feel isolating. At The IBD Project, you’ll find healthcare providers and patients asking honest questions, sharing new knowledge, and opening the door to transparent conversation at events, at conferences, and on social media.


Empowering providers and patients

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A network of knowledge

We support a variety of organizations that share the same goal to help improve IBD care through knowledge-sharing and network-building among healthcare professionals.

Keeping patients in the know

Offering information that can help people manage their daily lives is a core component of The IBD Project. Through Living with IBD, we help provide education that can empower patients to have more informed conversations with their clinicians.

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Enhancing expertise

IBDIQ offers a personalized, on-demand education experience for healthcare professionals. Here, you can access comprehensive disease state resources, created in collaboration with IBD specialists, to stay current in an ever-evolving environment.

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Health Equity

Every patient, every community

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Aligned on a common cause

Social determinants of health (SDOH) can lead to disparate care for parts of the IBD population. That’s why we’ve partnered with organizations and affinity groups focused on health equity and diversity, equity, and inclusion to elevate voices and cultivate spaces that welcome everyone.

Commitment in action

We seek opportunities to amplify the message of health equity through conference presentations, educational materials, and more. Together, we can help ensure that people living with IBD in all communities are seen, heard, and empowered to find the right disease management path for them.

Takeda IBD innovation
Takeda IBD innovation



How care evolves

The IBD Project aims to advance new ways of thinking about IBD care through programs, partnerships, and technologies that help contribute to enhanced care throughout the disease management experience.

See what’s possible

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