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Collaborating for change

At Takeda, we believe that what we can accomplish together is much greater than what we can achieve alone. The IBD Project is part of our quest to join and amplify diverse voices and efforts from the IBD community. Let’s come together for conversation and knowledge-sharing—all in pursuit of elevating the full spectrum of IBD care.


The IBD Project in action

Through events hosted by organizations like the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, Takeda supports efforts to boost IBD awareness among healthcare professionals and patients.

Takeda supports and offers forums to elevate voices across the IBD community, such as conferences, sessions, and symposiums. We create space for people living with IBD to share needs and opportunities—so that we can work together to fulfill them.

Living with IBD comes with challenges, but there’s strength to be found in community. The We Are IBD channel on Instagram offers a space for honest, empowering conversation and engagement among people living with IBD.

Links to third-party websites are provided as resources and not intended to be an endorsement. Takeda is not responsible for their content.

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