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The future of IBD care

At Takeda, we are inspired to seek innovative, future-focused approaches that have the potential for enhanced IBD patient care.


The IBD Project in action

Takeda proudly sponsors CDPATH, a data-driven prognostic tool for Crohn’s disease that can help predict a patient’s personalized risk of developing serious Crohn’s disease-related complications* within 3 years. The CDPATH risk profile can help patient and HCP to have more informed conversations about Crohn’s and engage in shared decision making about how to manage it more proactively.

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Through our educational efforts, we strive to keep the community aware of evolving technology advancements in IBD care that could lead to improved experiences for those living with IBD.

At Takeda, we are always working to expand our portfolio through innovative approaches to medicine. We’re focusing on developing medicines that advance new treatment options through our enhanced collaborative R&D engine and capabilities.

*CDPATH defines serious complications as any fistulas or strictures in the bowels or any surgery in the bowels other than the area in or around the anus.

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